Making Noise About Gun Control

I’m doing the “action” part of my faith today, heading up to Capitol Hill to rally in support of controlling the proliferation of guns that are built and designed for mass murders.  That such a massacre–that’s what these shootings are– could happen in the heart of our nation’s capitol ought to help us realize that we really do have a problem.  That we have a “do-nothing but stop Obama” Congress, with too many members who serve as puppets to the NRA, is a sin and a shame, and the people who expect more of them need to step forward and MAKE SOME NOISE.

So today, I’m referring you to a wonderfully informative article posted by an American Baptist colleague, Dr. Douglas R. Sharp, Managing Partner at SharpPartners, Consultants in Leadership and Congregational Development, and Dean of the Academy at Protestants for the Common Good. Dr. Sharp’s article, “Too Much of Guns” is a must-read for all who desire to think more thoroughly about gun violence in our nation.

If you can’t be at the rally with me, please spend some time reading this article, think about where you stand on this issue, and email/call/write to your local, state and national representatives to MAKE SOME NOISE! Then organize your church social action group to gather with other church groups to take some actions, i.e., draft a letter for church members to sign to send to your representatives, rally at your state capitol, etc.  You don’t have a church social action group???? Then make one happen!

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2 thoughts on “Making Noise About Gun Control

  1. I love your social action. And by the way we have a social action group at SBC but I have not heard of any efforts in this direction. I insist that until we outlaw all guns, of any kind, we will continue to have to listen to the likes of the NRA and protecting individuals right to automatic weapons and endure all these on-going massacres until no not when . I mean if the hearts of cannot be moved from its enthrallment to guns when 24 little children are. gunned down,then the selfish, self-centered pursuit of individual interests will continue I don’t know what It will take, frankly. we have been doen this roadnf frustration and despair so many, many, many time. From Jfk,Rfk, Medgar, Martin and even Regean only to get to the point of waiting for the furor to die down and we return to weaponry as usual.Pardon the rant

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