harmony comes from within

I watched people visiting the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and reading his words of wisdom, peace and justice. I watched them recognize the truth of his words with nodding heads and cameras. We all have the dream.

Howard Thurman said: “When he asks, then, what life was like before there was pain, hate, bitterness, and violence, the word comes back that life was beautiful and whole, tranquil and full of peace. Man has lost this dimension in his journey; he has sinned and missed the way….; but the echo, the sound of harmony, has not died in his dream. It lives in his myths, and what he hears in the echo is at times more real than the distortions through which he passes in his day-by-day endeavor.” (From The Search for Common Ground.)

I wonder what life could be like now if we all strove to live the dream of harmony that lives within?

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