Call Me Bonhoeffer, part 2

Thanks to all who responded to Saturday’s blog with so much encouragement.  I hadn’t planned to add to this blog so soon. But today’s Washington Post confirms so much of what I said that I want to share some quotes with you. I’m hoping that you will go online to find and read the articles.

Bannon choice draws flak over ties to alt-right. By Jose A. DelReal--“President-elect Donald Trump’s decision to appoint Stephen K. Bannon as his chief strategist in the White House has drawn a sharp rebuke from political strategists who see in Bannon a controversial figure too closely associated with the alt-right movement, which white nationalists have embraced.” The “alt-right” is defined as “a fringe conservative movement saturated with racially insensitive rhetoric and elements of outright white nationalism.” In my words, the “alt-right” is too gentle a word for people who believe in white supremacy.

Global perspective: After Trump’s win, a worldwide populist deluge? By Griff Witte, Emily Rauhala and Dom Philips–“The populist wave of 2016 that carried Trump to the pinnacle of international power and influence didn’t start in the United States. And it certainly won’t end there. Instead, the biggest prize yet for a global movement built on a seemingly bottomless reserve of political, economic and cultural grievance is likely to be an accelerant to even more victories for people and causes bent on upending the existing world order.”

One issue I didn’t mention–Trump’s plan to greatly increase “defense” spending. Increased defense spending anticipated. By Karoun Demirjian.“Trump and congressional Republicans are on the same page on a host of defense priorities, including increasing the number of active-duty troops in the Army and the size of the Navy; modernizing military facilities and the nuclear arsenal; and focusing more on missile defense.” Trump plans to send more of our citizens out to fight wars. Combine that with white supremacy and a global mission……

Trump taps skeptic of climate change to oversee EPA transition. By Brady Dennis–“The man planning how a Trump administration can obliterate Obama’s environmental legacy is Myron Ebell, a Washington fixture who has long been a cheerful warrior against what he sees as an alarmist, overzealous environmental movement that has used global warming as a pretext for expanding government. Ebell has argued for opening up more federal lands for logging, oil and gas exploration, and coal mining, and for turning over more permitting authority to the states. And he has urged the Senate to vote to reject an international climate accord signed last year in Paris.”

Trump’s mission impossible? By Robert J. Samuelson. “Near the top of Trump’s to-do list is a pledge to double economic growth from its recent desultory rate of 2 percent a year to 4 percent–through massive tax cuts, the relaxation of government regulations and measures that curtail imports.” (emphasis added.)

This stuff is real, folks. Keep the faith and remain strong in the Lord.

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