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I’ve been working off and on as an Interim Pastor since retiring and moving back to Washington, DC in 2011.  I retired from full time work in order to find more time for writing and to move back to the East Coast where my husband and I could be closer to our families. Please check out my newest book, The Revolutionary Power of the Lord’s Prayer! I truly hope this book will help to empower Christians to make an impact for Christ in the world.

I served as Pastor of Irving Park Baptist Church in Chicago, IL for over 7 years. As a pastor, I was devoted to a ministry of nurturing, teaching, and  inspiring congregations to be Christ’s disciples.  I believe that the church should be a vital  force in community by faithfully sharing the Good News of Christ through both word and  action. I actively participated in the local Irving Park community through the Irving Park Ministerial Alliance and in the greater Chicago community through the Community  Renewal Society and other faith-based organizations.

I have been on the boards of the American Baptist Churches’ National Ministers Council and Women in Ministry.  I worked at McCormick Theological  Seminary in Chicago as an advisor to students working on the Doctor of Ministry.  Before moving to Chicago, I was the Executive Minister and Associate  Pastor at Shiloh Baptist Church in Washington, DC. I was a founding member of Shiloh’s  Economic and Community Development Corporation.  I served for six years as  the Executive Director of Shiloh’s Family Life Center Foundation, where I managed several community service programs that provided a wide range of services for children, youth, families and the elderly.  I also worked as a National Organizer at Call to Renewal, an ecumenical organization devoted to eliminating poverty. And I served Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC as a Pastoral Advisor in the Ministry and Missions course.  Before responding to my call to ministry I worked for fifteen years as a tax lawyer.

I  received a Doctor of Ministry degree from Howard University Divinity School in May 2004, a Master of Divinity from Wesley Theological Seminary in 1997, a law degree from Northwestern University in 1979, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Southern Illinois University. I was ordained to preach the gospel through the Progressive National Baptist Convention and the American Baptist Churches, USA in March of 1998.  I am married to the Reverend William Greene, an elder in the United Methodist Church.  I have two sons, Reggie and Bakori Davis, and three beautiful grandchildren, Kayin, Devin, and Cole Davis, sons of Bakori and Adrienne.

All of the above has led me to believe that I have something to say to the world around me, and I can say it best through story-telling, writing and speaking.  My first book, Angels All Around, was a joy to write. My second book, The Revolutionary Power of the Lord’s Prayer, was an inspiration that I believe will help to make a positive difference in the world. My hope is to inspire others to become the beautiful people that God always intended them to be, and to help bring the powerful force of faith in action to make a better world for all God’s people. To God be the glory!

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  1. Alice:

    I have watched you grow from a mature law student and mother to a very mature attorney/practitioner, and then more important, into a spiritual leader and fisher of men over the last (dare I say it?) …37 years! God has been doing a powerful work in your life and I am so proud of what you have done with your life as you bare ample witness to what one can accomplish when one gives one’s life over to Him. May God continue to bless all that you set out to do!
    In His name,


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